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Welcome to Guadalcanal! This hilly island Northeast of Australia saw heavy fighting between August of 1942 and February, 1943. In a combined land, sea, and air operation, the Allies managed to capture it from the Japanese in a campaign that is considered to be a turning point in the war. This diverse and mountainous island is ripe for snipers perched atop the highest points where they can thin the enemy forces from afar.


Vehicles commanders be aware, there are many steep hills that will leave you a vulnerable target for grenades, expacks, and rocket fire. A sneaky squad can use the less traveled paths to quickly make their way to vantage points and take an outpost with a quick side attack.

Tip: The air raid bunker is located close to the Outpost base and there is an extra plane available close to the Village. Keep your head down, this hilly location is perfect for snipers.